Many companies have invested large sums of money in mining software systems such as Minesight, Gemcom, Datamine, and Vulcan. On top of that, they spend considerable money training their employees how to use the software. Because of the costs involved, these companies tend to purchase only a limited number of user licenses. Since these expensive systems all seem to use hardware dongles for protection, the typical workday ends up being a constant game of “musical dongles”. More employees need to use the software than there are dongles available.

Want put an end to the madness? Buy a few copies of MicroMODEL and/or PolyMap and be sure to take advantage of the multi-copy discounts. MicroMODEL and Polymap can import/export drillhole, grade model, and wireframes from and to most popular software systems. Run your data checks, statistics, grade modeling, and pit optimization with MicroMODEL. Do your detailed pit designs with PolyMap. Generate your detailed mine schedules with MicroMODEL’s Manual Mine Scheduling Program. When you are finished, export things back into the expensive system for your final presentation. After all, you do need to justify spending all of that money, don’t you?


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