RKM Associates welcomes the newest user of MicroMODEL software, Bonanza Mining of Reno Nevada.  They have Gemcom software, but wanted to have the ability to do most of the things GEMS can do without the high cost of an additional license.  They chose MicroMODEL.  MicroMODEL has convenient tools for importing and exporting drillhole data, block models, digitized contours, TIN models, and 3-D wireframe mesh models to and from GEMS as well as most of the other popular (but expensive!) software systems.

MicroMODEL does pretty much everything these expensive systems can do, but at a fraction of the cost.  And, if there is a particular function you need that MicroMODEL doesn’t currently have, we can add that to the system at very little cost.  But, MicroMODEL already has a significant suite of mining software functions including drillhole data entry, geostatistics, topography modeling, contour mapping, kriging, mine reserve optimization, mine scheduling, and detailed mine design.

Download your free demo copy today!


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