The OPCOG/SCHED program suite has been recently revamped.  The SCHED program allows the user to automatically schedule a set of mine phases, based on yearly targets.  Ore can be scheduled by tons mined per year, or by pounds/grams/ounces of recovered product.  Waste requirements can be forward smoothed in order to minimize fleet size changes.

Once a mine schedule has been produced, the Optimum Cutoff Grade program (OPCOG) can be used to optimize project net present value via a variable cutoff grade strategy.  The optimizer uses an algorithm based on the works of R. K. Lane and M. R. L. Blackwell.

Several iterations can be made between the scheduler and optimizer in order to produce a physically feasible mining sequence that optimizes the net present value of the mining operation.

If you have an interest in these programs, please contact us directly.  There is currently an interface to both the MicroMODEL and MineSight software systems.  New interfaces can be constructed at a nominal cost to the user.


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