3-D LG Pit Otimizer

Published on 21 June 2010 by in Mining Planning Software


We are in the final stages of testing the MicroMODEL interface to the ThreeDify Flowpit program.  This program generates optimal mining shells using a true 3-dimensional Lerchs Grossman algorithm.  A Flowpit license can be purchased for use with any current MicroMODEL for $1700.  There is a yearly maintenance fee for the Flowpit program of $500 per year.

So far, preliminary tests have shown results of the Flowpit program agree to well within one percent of the final shell generated by the Datamine MaxiPit ™ program.  Check the prices and you’ll see that the Flowpit option offers significant savings over any other optimizer on the market today!

The MicroMODEL Money Matrix program is used to generate the appropriate input files to Flowpit, and all Flowpit output is converted back to MicroMODEL surface grids.  If you already know how to run MicroMODEL floating cones, then you know how to run Flowpit 3-D LG optimizations.

Please contact us for more information, or to purchase your license.


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