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MicroModel mine software, 3D modeling software
Free demo of Mine Software, Stockpile Software, Lazer surveying equipmentEZVol is a simple interactive tool which allows the user to calculate stockpile volumes based on a survey of the base perimeter plus a survey of the stockpile surface. EZVol displays the stockpile volume in cubic feet, cubic yards, or cubic meters. The user can enter a density factor for the stockpile material, and the program will display the total weight of the stockpile.

Display options include survey points, TIN (Triangulated Network) surfaces, contour plot of stockpile thickness, and 3-D solid mesh view. The 3-D display can be viewed at various angles, and at a range of vertical exaggeration scales. Interfaces exist for Trimble POS, enCampo, Laser Atlanta, or generic XYZ data.


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