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MicroModel mine software, 3D modeling software
Free demo of mine software, 3D modeling softwareMicroMODEL mining software is a full-featured deposit mine planning and 3D-modeling software system. MicroMODEL is an inexpensive alternative to complicated, high-priced mine planning software packages. It is easy to use, and offers most of the functionality of these other systems. We urge you to compare the features of MicroMODEL to Gemcom, MineSight, DataMine, etc. You’ll find MicroMODEL does most of what these systems can do at a fraction of the cost. Plus, it is easier to learn and use. Many of these high priced systems require months of training in order to use them effectively.

MicroMODEL software is specifically geared towards mine exploration and mine evaluation and contains programs for drillhole data entry, statistics, surface modeling, rock modeling, compositing, geostatistics, variograms, and 3-D grade modeling including kriging. MicroMODEL is suitable for both hard-rock and industrial minerals deposits. Mine design and mine planning are performed using a floating cone optimizer. Detailed mining schedules can be generated using the detailed scheduling program. MicroMODEL can also be run in seam modeling mode. This allows the user to effectively model layered deposits such as coal, laterites, aggregate quarries, etc.

Contour maps can be easily generated using the built-in contouring software. All map output from MicroMODEL can be exported to AutoCAD DXF format. This makes it easy for users that already own a CAD program to make additions and enhancements to these displays. Alternatively, MicroMODEL has it’s own simple system for adding annotation such as scales, legends, labels, etc.


MicroMODEL Software Image Gallery

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MicroMODEL Screen Shots

MicroMODEL mining software screen shots.

[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_PLOT.jpg]12823MicroMODEL Mining Software 3D-Plot
MicroMODEL Mining Software 3D-Plot
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_pitrock.gif]10090MicroMODEL Mining Software Typical Input Screen
Mining Software MicroMODEL Typical Input Screen
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_input.gif]8091MicroMODEL Mining Software Typical Input Screen
Mining Software MicroMODEL Typical Input Screen
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_grthick.gif]7390MicroMODEL Mining Software Grade-Thickness
Mining Software MicroMODEL Grade-Thickness
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_dhprint.gif]6700MicroMODEL Mining Software Drillhole Printout
Mining Software MicroMODEL Drillhole Printout
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_dhplt.gif]6350MicroMODEL Mining Software Drillhole Collar Plot
Mining Software MicroMODEL Drillhole Collar Plot
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_custsect.gif]5860MicroMODEL Mining Software Custom Section Plot
Mining Software MicroMODEL Custom Section Plot
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_custplan.gif]5430MicroMODEL Mining Software Custom Plan Plot
Mining Software MicroMODEL Custom Plan Plot
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_conecont.gif]5110MicroMODEL Mining Software Floating Cone Contour
Mining Software MicroMODEL Floating Cone Contour
[img src=http://www.rkmminingsoftware.com/wp-content/flagallery/micromodel/thumbs/thumbs_cfreq.gif]4870MicroMODEL Mining Software Cumulative Frequency
Mining Software MicroMODEL Cumulative Frequency

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MicroMODEL Table of Contents


  1. Enter Project Information
  2. Convert Multiple Text Files to Standard Input
  3. Read in an Existing Drill Hole Database
  4. Print Drill Hole Database
  5. Database Editing
  6. Plot Drill Hole Surface Locations
  7. Plot Drill Hole Locations
  8. Plot Drill Hole Sections
    1. Display Numeric Values
    2. Display Color Bars
    3. Display Histogram of Grade
  9. Sample Frequency Analysis and Basic Statistics
  10. Sample Cumulative Frequency Analysis
  11. Sample Correlation Analysis
  12. Sample Manipulation
  13. Define Rocks/Seams


  1. Digitize and Display Surface Data
  2. Prepare Surface or Thickness Data
  3. Display Prepared Surface or Thickness Data Points
  4. Variogram Analysis
  5. Surface or Thickness Modeling Presort
  6. Surface or Thickness Modeling
    1. Polygonal
    2. Inverse Distance to Power
    3. Kriging
  7. Graphical Display of Surface
    1. Plot Numeric Cell Elevations
    2. Plot Colored Elevation Ranges
    3. Plot Contour of Cell Elevations
  8. Surface or Thickness File Manipulation
  9. Create Rock Model from Surface Models
  10. Change Name of Surface (Cone) Model
  11. Change Name of Thickness Model
  12. Create Triangulation Model of Surface or Thickness


  1. Create Rock Model from Sample Data
  2. Digitize and Display Rock Polygons in Plan View or Section
  3. Create/Update the Rock Model from Plan Polygons
  4. Create/Update the Rock Model from Section Polygons
  5. Create/Update the Rock Model from a Grade Model
  6. Graphical Display of the Rock Model
    1. Plan View Plot
    2. Plot Cells in Section (Row/Column)
    3. Plot Angled Cell Section


  1. Calculation of Composite Values
    1. Bench Compositing
    2. Down Hole Compositing
    3. Rock Unit Compositing
  2. Convert Multiple Text Files to Standard Drill Hole Input
  3. Read in an Existing Composited Drill Hole Database
  4. Print Composited Drill Hole Database
  5. Database Editing
  6. Plot Drill Hole Surface Locations
  7. Plot Drill Hole Bench Locations
  8. Plot Composite Drill Hole Sections
  9. Composite Frequency Analysis and Basic Statistics
  10. Composite Cumulative Frequency Analysis
  11. Composite Correlation Analysis
  12. Composite Manipulation


  1. Polygonal Reserve Calculation
  2. Polygonal Reserve Plotting
  3. Variogram Analysis
  4. Point Validation Presort
  5. Point Validation
  6. Grade Modeling Presort
  7. Grade Modeling
    1. Polygonal
    2. Inverse Distance to Power
    3. Kriging
  8. Model Frequency Analysis and Basic Statistics
  9. Model Cumulative Frequency Analysis
  10. Model Correlation Analysis
  11. Graphical Display of Grade Model
    1. Plan View Plot
    2. Contour Values
    3. Perspective View of Values
    4. Plot Cells in Section (Row/Column)
    5. Plot Angled Cell Section
  12. Model Manipulation


  1. Initialize Pit Model
  2. Enter Pit Generation Parameters
  3. Digitize and Display Pit Design
  4. Evaluate Digitized Pit Design
  5. Update the Mined Out Rock Model
  6. Plot the Computer Generated Pit
  7. Inverse the Mined Out Pit Model
  8. Graphical Display of the Mined Out Pit Model
  9. Plot Digitized Contour Profile in Section
  10. Interactive Scheduler


  1. Create Money Matrix
  2. Floating Cone Pit Design
  3. Calculate Cone Reserves
  4. List Current Cone Pits
  5. Contour Plot of Cone Pit
  6. Cell Plot of Cone Pit Topography
  7. Convert Current OPD Pit to a Cone
  8. Create Cone for Running Geologic Reserves
  9. Create Single Digit Printer Maps of Cone Phases
  10. Change Name of Cone
  11. Plot Cone Profiles in Section
  12. Plot Exposed Cells in Plan View


  1. Edit Grid Values
  2. Output an Existing MicroMODEL Grid
  3. Read in an Existing External Grid
  4. Create a Combined Plot
  5. Enter Drillhole Class Names
  6. Assign Drillhole Class to Each Drillhole
  7. Set Drillhole Class Limits
  8. Dump Drillhole Data in XYZ Format
  9. Create Grade Range Annotation File
  10. Export Multiple MicroMODEL Block Models to a File
  11. Import Multiple MicroMODEL Block Models from a File


  1. Calculate Grade Thickness
  2. Triangulate Grade Thickness
  3. Grade-Thickness Value Presort
  4. Grade-Thickness Modeling
  5. Graphical Display of Grade-Thickness
  6. Create Grade-Thickness Model from a 3-D Grade Model


  1. Move Grid Files from One Setup to Another
  2. Calculate Reserves Based on Matrix
  3. Adjust Rock Model Values for New Topography
  4. Count Rock Codes in Blocks, Samples, or Composites
  5. Create Rock Interval Information Coding File
  6. Update Rock Interval Information Based on Coding File
  7. Assign Reserve Classification Based on Triangulation
  8. Calculate Waste Dump Volume from Digitized File
  9. Check Drillhole Collars Against Topo Grid
  10. Create X-Y-Z Data File from Seam Outcrop Locations


  1. Define Slope Template File for Pit Design
  2. Create Block Grade Display File for Pit Design
  3. Write Cone Contours to POLY.CNT Compatible File
  4. Prepare Files for PolyMap Waste Dump Design
  5. Prepare Files for PolyMap Reserve Calculation


  1. Create 3D Data From Drillholes
  2. Create 3D Data From Surface
  3. Create 3D Data From Grade/Rock
  4. Create 3D Data From Digitized Polygons
  5. Display 3D Data / ParaView File Conversion

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