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Polymap Mine Software, Open Pit Mine Software

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PolyMap is ideal for open pit mining with its interactive graphical input and display programs for both geologic data and open pit mining design. It enhances the capabilities of MicroMODEL.

PolyMap simplifies map digitizing of complex geology. Open pit mining geology can be digitized in sections or plans, and the intercepts from one set of maps can be easily transferred to another set (for example, section to plan).

PolyMap’s interactive open pit mining design program allows the user to design open pits using single or multiple benching, variable slopes (by rock type), and variable road grades and widths. Fill out the form to the right to download a free demo of the Software.


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PolyMap Table of Contents


  1. Enter/Change Project Information
  2. Enter/Change Geology Layer Definitions
  3. Add a Map to the Project
  4. List or Change Include Sets
  5. Display Map File Information
  6. Change Map Name, Scale, or Limits
  7. Change Title of Map
  8. Erase Set of Map Files


  1. Digitize Geologic Data
  2. Filter Points
  3. Update Digitized Geology (Create Polygons)
  4. Add Topographic Profiles or Contours
  5. Define Background Map for Digitizing
  6. Digitize Topography or Open Pits
  7. Designate Background Floating Cones or Phases
  8. Mesh Pit Designs with Topography
  9. Create Masking Polygon
  10. Keep Contours Inside or Outside a Masking Polygon
  11. Manually Edit a Map


  1. Plot Raw Geology or Topography
  2. Create or Edit Label Exclusion File
  3. Create or Edit Pen Definition File
  4. Create or Edit Box Clipping File
  5. Plot Updated Geology
  6. Create or Edit Intercept Plotting Control File
  7. Create or Edit Piercepoint Plotting Control File
  8. Create or Edit Shading Control File
  9. Display Filled Geology Polygons to Screen
  10. Create or Edit Polygon Fill Control File


  1. Import Map Information
  2. Export Map Information
  3. Create MicroMODEL POLY.RKS file for Section Coding
  4. Create MicroMODEL POLY.RKP file for Plan View Coding

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