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MicroMODEL mining software is a full-featured deposit mine planning and 3D-modeling software system. MicroMODEL is a free alternative to complicated, high-priced mine planning software packages. It is easy to use, and offers most of the functionality of these other systems. Compare the features of MicroMODEL to Gemcom, MineSight, DataMine, etc. You’ll find MicroMODEL does most of what these systems can do. Plus, it is easier to learn and use. Many of these high priced systems require months of training in order to use them effectively.

MicroMODEL software is specifically geared towards mine exploration and mine evaluation and contains programs for drillhole data entry, statistics, surface modeling, rock modeling, compositing, geostatistics, variograms, and 3-D grade modeling including kriging. MicroMODEL is suitable for both hard-rock and industrial minerals deposits. Mine design and mine planning can be performed using a floating cone optimizer. Or, the user can opt to use the newly integrated (and free!) Colorado School of Mines MineFlow(c) 3-D optimizer program. Detailed mining schedules can be generated using the detailed scheduling program. MicroMODEL can also be run in seam modeling mode. This allows the user to effectively model layered deposits such as coal, laterites, aggregate quarries, etc.

Contour maps can be easily generated using the built-in contouring software. All map output from MicroMODEL can be exported to AutoCAD DXF format. This makes it easy for users that already own a CAD program to make additions and enhancements to these displays. Alternatively, MicroMODEL has it’s own simple system for adding annotation such as scales, legends, labels, etc.